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ROUTE - Mikulov or Hevlin - Vienna - Graz - Maribor - Zagreb - Karlovac - new highway/ towards Zadar - turn right in Posedarje towards the town of Pag via Passki bridge./ 1,100 km
Highway toll: Austria - 1,390 Kc / 1 year, 780 Kc / 2 months, 270 Kc / 10 days ( It is best to buy toll stickers in Austria - 7.60 Euro. If going for a longer journey we recommend to buy two 10days toll stickers Slovenia - 0.8 Euro toll-road fee Toll-road fee in Croatia - Macel - Zagreb 11 KN - 18 KN private car Zagreb - Posedarje 103 KN private car 168 KN minibus.
Medical care: There is no contract between Croatia and the Czech Republic about providing a treatment free of charge. That is the reason for being insured !!! Otherwise you might get heavy penalty.
According to Croatian law tourists can import with themselves goods in total value 300 KN per person (about 1,200 ,- Kc per person). If there is a more of bought goods we recommend to keep the receipts as an evidence for the goods origin. (max. 1 l of alcohol, 1 carton of cigarettes per person). It is prohibited to import raw meat.
Exchange of currency : However the Croatians accept Czech crowns, it is better not to take only Czech currency. Czech banks change Czech crowns and euros to kunas but they do not change kunas back to Czech crowns after tourists homecoming! Therefore it is better to take Eurocurrency.
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