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The historical town from the 15th century was built by a project by Juraj Dalmatinec- an excellent architect and sculptor.
Sibenik Cathedral, Porta della Carta in Venice and Logga dei Mercanti in Ancone rank among his famous works of art.

The Old Town of Pag belongs to well-preserved urban projects in the Adriatic and is mentioned as a sample of the ideal of Renaissance town.
Parish church, the church and monastery of the Benedictines with a number of works of art and sacral relics , St. Trn , The Princely palace, The Town tower, ruins of town walls and lots of palaces are mentioned first of all.

Not far from the town, near the town beach there is a source of curative mud called Black Gold of Pag.
Its effect at relieving and curing rheumatism and different diseases is generally recognized.
The lacework of Pag belongs to the symbols of the town of Pag inherently. It is a sample of handcrafted mastery of local women.
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