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The Island of Pag is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most interesting islands in the Adriatic. There is a wide range of vegetation (about 500 species including some very rare ones).
This fact has its importance not only for botanists but also for gourmands and culinary. The wide palette of plants seasoned with soft grains of salt makes the foundation of the nourishment of the flocks of the Pag sheep. The salt is drifted by mild north wind called "bura". This is the key to the secret of piquant, aromatic flavour of the well known speciality - cheese of Pag.
People can enjoy cheese of Pag in a shade of ancient olive-trees. In the north part of the island near to the town of Luna there are some of the olive-trees almost 700 years old. The sea and salt belongs to each other inherently. The salt manufacture-The Pag Solana near to the town of Pag has been well-known since the ancient Roma.
The future goes hand by hand with the past on the island of Pag and its nature shows itself in charming and striking contrasts. Deep green hills are replaced by great and stony plains reminding of romantic moonscape.
The great amount of beaches sloping down into crystalline transparent blue waters are an inherent part of the island. The town of Pag with its purity of the sea can be placed among Mediterranean "pearls".
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